Andrea Ackerman


1. Some Thoughts Connecting Deterministic Chaos, Neuronal Dynamics and Aesthetic Experience, Leonardo Electronic Almanac Vol. 17 Issue 1: Mish Mash, August 2011, Editor-in-Chief, Lanfranco Aceti, ISSN No: 1071-4391, ISBN-10: 1906897115, ISBN-13: 978-1906897116. Free - full article and issue download - Buy - full issue on Amazon -

2. Synthetic is More Sensuous READ , an essay which proposes a mechanism for our adaptation to synthetic realities and a conceptual framework for the aesthetics of new media art - the crystalline and entropic poles, March, 2007.


3. Can Geeks be Humanists? Intimacy in New Media Art  READ, College Art Association (CAA) 95th Annual Conference, New Media Caucus Panel, moderated by Marcia Tanner, February 14-17 2007, New York, New York.


4. Synthetic Experience and the Continuum of the Authentic: A Contribution READ, speaker and featured digital artist at the conference Synthetic Sensations - The Five Senses and New TechnologiesJune 30, 2006, organised by Niran Bahjat-Abbas and Stephen Barber, Kingston University, London, UK , webcast and catalog forthcoming.


5. Can We Fall in Love with a Machine? READ, lead catalog essay in Can We Fall in Love with a Machine?, edited by Claudia Hart, monograph/catalog  for the show Can We Fall in Love with a Machine?, Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, PA / Cambridge, MA,  April 2006. ,,


6. Liquid Pixels READ, an essay on new media art and digital technologies, 2004.


7. Synthetic is More Sensuous: Advances in Neurology and the Aesthetics of New Media READ , how the subject of the most advanced art is the processes of the brain/mind.







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