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The Liquid Light Series:1990 - 1994. These works take a video portrait and transform it into a wall sized palpable architectural space. The temporal and psychological complexity of the video is transformed into a spatial complexity which starts out baroque in the earlier pieces and ends up blatantly fractal. Almost all works are mural sized. They are made of an array of canvas and alkyd paint covered aluminum plates which were coated with photoemulsion (manipulated as paint), and then printed with photographs of videos. The culminating work in this series is Change of State from 1994 This work is derived from a video of my sister, who is an opthamologist, while she is practicing a radial keratotomy on a pig's eyeball implanted in a human mask. This is the procedure which sculpts the cornea of the eye as a lens and allows people to be free of eyeglasses. It evokes the sense of transformation of vision from monocular to multi-ocular, from natural to synthetic, from physical to virtual, viz. the disembodied eye. The series ends with the full transition to digital computer based work beginning a new series called Synthetic Landscapes.

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All works are wall sized arrays of canvas and alkyd paint covered aluminum plates coated with photoemulsion and printed with video stills hung with velcro,

Girl With Barbies, 80 inches X 120 inches, 1993.
Detail of Girl With Barbies

Top Middle
Wedding, 72 inches X 129 inches, 1993.
Detail of Wedding

Bottom Middle
Change of State, 68 inches X 122 inches, 1994.
Detail of Change of State

Julius Set, outer dimensions- 41 inches x 84 inches , 1994.
Detail of Julius Set

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